The Skin I'm In 

I started this platform because I am a woman who holds most if my issues inside. Like me, I know there are other women that do the same. I thought because I was taught to be "perfect" I couldn't show that I go through things that even my closest fr​iends and family have no clue about. This is no pitty party, but a support system where women can come to share and talk about things WITHOUT hate or judgement. Because just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village of women to really stand together and stay strong. Just like you I struggle with weight, not thinking I'm good enough, relationships, trust, comparing myself to the next individual, coping with having a sick parent, etc.

I was taught to wear a smile even if I'm crumbling inside. I became so good at this that people judge me without knowing my testimony or the trials I've had to overcome. This is my fault because I've always been closed off and painted a perfect picture. Until recently, I limited how much a person knew about me, meaning I could never truly be my authentic self. I was too busy worrying about being judged. I'm done pretending. Being comfortable in my own skin means that I have to be the woman God is molding. Each trial and tribulation is a part of who I am, so why should I have to apologize for it? 

Either you accept me or you don't. 

I am slowly learning how to channel my energy into my faith, positive ideas, positive people and being open to speaking about certain issues that I have and will face. I no longer care about things that I have no control over. The day that I stopped caring about the things that don't matter my life became fulfilling. I put my energy into my faith, people that want to be around me, my "select" friends, my husband, and family that uplift me, vise versa. 

Each day I try to be the best version of myself because I can't be anyone else. I must be comfortable in my own skin. In the picture above, you see different stages in my life. The good and the bad, the highs and the lows. As women we evolve and transition constantly. It's okay to admit when we don't have it all together. We are strong because we have to be. Being strong is in a woman's nature, but at times we too need a shoulder or listening ear.  It is time we stop tearing each other down and build each other up.

It is okay to be vulnerable, it is a part of being strong!