I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember. When I meet people, I often seem awkward, standoffish, or I get called stuck up. Because of my past and some of the things I’m currently dealing with, I’m terrified to let people in (read my blog post titled “so what, now what” and you will know why). Here are some of the things I struggle with but currently unpacking:

-Meeting new people

-Actually trusting people who have showed me they are trustworthy

-Avoiding people that I run into from high school/college afraid of being judged.

-Maintaining relationships without overthinking.

-Being vulnerable and not caring what others think. -Flaking on people when asked to hangout. -Not apologizing for being myself. -Sharing my truth because I am afraid of people judging me or being seen as a victim.

-Speaking my mind and not apologizing for it.

- Pleasing people and not taking care of myself.

- Knowing how and when to forgive myself!

This is why unpacking is important! Unpack your issues because they will mold your relationships, your interactions with people, and your overall life. As you grow, and address certain areas of your life people may think you’re “brand new” or crazy. Those are the people that you can’t take with you as you grow. Keep pushing to become a better version of yourself!