Carnival Cruise Tips



-Parking is located on 23 33rd street (lot A or B). Fours days of parking is $45 dollars and goes up depending on the amount of days (leaving from Galveston, TX). 


- Check in a few days prior and print all documents needed from your cruise account.


- Put your own luggage tags on. Trust me it will make your check in faster. 


- Download the Carnival hub app ahead of time. You will thank me later! It is amazing! 


- There's no iron in your room 


- There's only one outlet 


-Bring your own toiletries 


-Bring your own towels 


-Use the towels in the room for outdoor activities ( you will need to use them for the seats outside) 


-AFT= back or the boat 


-MID= middle of the boat 


-FWD= front of the boat 


-The "fancy" food in the dining hall is nasty


-Buffets and Guys burgers is good 


-There is unlimited ice-cream


-The juice is nasty. It tastes like it is mixed with too much water. 


- If you want anything other than juice, tea or water you must purchase the "bubbly package" or the "unlimited beverage package".  


-Bring your own blanket and pillow if you have sensitive skin. 


-There are hidden adult 24 hour “hot” pools. 


-The comedy show is funny.  If you volunteer they give a lot of prizes! They have a PG version and rated R. 


-Bring your own iPad or tablet with pre downloaded movies (the tv in the room has like 5 channels) 


-Most kids stay in the pool for hours with no potty breaks equals one thing.... Which can only mean one thing... URINE!


- Brunch is really good. I recommend the bagel and salmon with cheese eggs or the pancakes with hash browns/ bacon.  


- Cons: the pools are always full. Even the small adult whirl pools. 


- Be friendly you may get lucky and make friends with others that have a beverage package 😏


- Room cleaning is an extra change. Put the Snoozin sign out and you can avoid this! 


- Be mindful it's a family cruise... leave your thongs at home lol. You will be surprised how many I saw. 




Hope this helps! Have an awesome summer!


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